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Baddesley Clinton


Gift from Richard Godmon of Rowynton' and Dionysia his wife to John de Longeleye of Rowynton' of all the lands and tenements of the said Richard with woods, meadows, hedges, ditches and all other appurtenances in Baddesleye Clynton' called Gilberdeslond'. To hold the same for ever from the chief lords of the fee for due and customary service. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: John de Conyngesby; Henry Brounyng'; Simon le Freynes de Rowynton'; Richard atte Lee de Baddesle; Henry le Pursere de Warrewyk'; William de Brok', clerk, and others. Given at Warrewyk' Monday next after the feast of St. Mathew the Apostle 26 Edward III [24 September 1352]. Two circular seals of brown wax on tags. 1 in. 1. Figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary standing with the Holy Child in her arms and a suppliant kneeling with out stretched hand. 2. Endorsed: [In a 16th century hand] Gylburdslond'.