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Baddesley Clinton


Grant from John de Conyngesby to Joan daughter of Thomas de Clyntone lately lord of Baddesleye of 10 marks annual rent to be taken from the manor of the said John in Baddesleye at the two annual terms of the feast of St. Michael and the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary in equal portions. The said Joan to have the right of distraint on the said manor of Baddesleye if the said rent was not paid. Warranty clause. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Richard Godmon; John Godmon; John atte Wodeyate; Paul de Brome; Richard Aleyn, clerk and others. Given at Mortone [Morton Bagot] Wednesday next after the feast of St. Augustine 23 Edward III [27 May 1349]. Circular seal of red wax on tag, incomplete. 3/4 in. A coney salient. + .... D[E C]ONINGESBI [55/16]