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Baddesley Clinton


Will of John Cokayn knt. made at Baddesleye `when vt I purpose me to passe ouer' ve grete see' by which he made over his estate to John Dabrugcourte knt., Henry of Bothe, Thomas Gower, John Hychkyns, vicar of Pollesworthe, Richard of Baddesleye, John of Buxstones, prestes, of the manor of Baddesleye with all appurtenances. To hold the same during the lifetime of Ysold' of Sapurton of London paying the said Ysold seventeen marks annually, and on her death to enfeoff John, son of the said Sir John, with the said manor. The said John and his lawful issue to hold the same for ever, upon condition that there was no interference with the provision made for the wife of the said Sir John and Alison his daughter, or concerning his movable goods which he had provided should pay his debts. If the said John died without lawful issue, the said manor and appurtenances were to pass to the said Alison and her lawful issue, or in default, to William, as set out in the other wills of the said Sir John. Written at Baddesleye 10 March 14 Henry IV [1412/13] Tag for seal with traces of red wax. Endorsed: 1. [In an early 16th century hand] Voluntas Johannis Kokayn 2. [In a 16th century hand] Badesleye [52/31]