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Great Hampden, co. Buckingham


The will of John Hampden esq. by which he ordered that his body should be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Hampden Magna [Great Hampden, co. Buckingham] and that after the payment of all his debts 12d. was to be given to the Cathedral church of Lincoln, 6s. 8d. to the high altar of the parish church of Hampden for the rector to say 10 obits, 20s. to the fabric of Hampden church, 13s. 4d. to the poor and needy of Hampden, and that the expenses of his funeral were not to exceed 20s. excepting alms given to the poor attending it. The said John left to Thomas his son a silver cup covered and embossed 'pownsed', 12 second best silver spoons 'peonibus', 2 second best silver salt cellars, one dozen `garnessched' baking dishes `vasorum piltrinorum' ?pistrinorum, and 3 bronze cooking pots, one called Coleman, and 2 other second best cooking pots each containing a gallon. The said John left to Alice, duchess of Suffolk one standing gilt silver cup covered with a crown and surmounted by an eagle which the said Alice was to hold for the term of her life, after which it was to pass to her son for ever. The residue of his goods the said John left to his wife Elizabeth, and he appointed as his executors Edmund Hampden, Robert Peper, ... John Rytt, John Ducem ?Duke, and the said Elizabeth, each of whom was to receive 66s. 8d. Given at Hampden on the feast of St. Scholastica the Virgin 1457 [10 February 1458]. Signed: Johes Hampden Tag for seal. Endorsed: 1. [In an early 16th century hand] Testament John Hampden ? esqr. made Hampden 2. [In the hand of Henry Norris c. 1890] Will of John Hampden esq. of Hampden 36. Hen. VIth. The name of one executor scratched out after Robert Peper. [322]

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Transcribed in The Warwickshire Antiquarian Magazine ed. John Fetherstone, pt. IV 1869. pp. 215-6.