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Conveyance from William Smith of Warwick accountant and Henry Crow of Coventry dyer, executors of the will of Thomas Hiatt who died 31 July 1854, proved 14 December 1854, and David Wright of Balsall yeoman, son of Richard Wright of Rowington mason who died 6 November 1854, to Thomas Waring of Warwick ropemaker and Thomas Nicks of Warwick gent., trustee of the said Thomas Waring, of a cottage, garden, orchard and appurtenances in Rowington in the successive occupation of Richard Staples, William Eden, William Jordin, Michael Wright and then of Thomas Woodward, and two other cottages built by the said Richard Wright on the same premises formerly in the occupation of the said Richard Wright and Charles Smitten and then of Joseph Woodward and William Harrison, the site of which cottages included 38 perches of land purchased by the said Richard Wright from the Commissioners executing the Act of 55 George III [1814-15] for inclosing common lands in the manors of Rowington and Bushwood in the parishes of Rowington, Old Stratford and Lapworth, all which property was mortgaged by the said Richard Wright to the said James Hiatt. The said Thomas Waring and Thomas Nicks to hold the same to the use of the said Thomas Waring for ever. Consideration: £100. John Smith of Warwick gent. another party to the said conveyance agreed to produce if required the deed poll made by William Smith of Warwick banker's cashier, a third executor of the will of the said James Hiatt, by which he renounced this executorship dated 7 February 1855. 18 June 1855. Signed: Wm. Smith, Henry Crow, David Wright, Thomas Waring, John Smith. Five circular seals of red wax applied. 1/2 in. Devices obscure. Witnesses to signing and receipt endorsed: W. Osborn, Henry Brown, Crompton St., Warwick and William Clarke, clerk to Mr. J. Smith, Solicitor, Warwick. [433]

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    7 Feb 1855

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    United Kingdom - England - Warwickshire - Rowington,

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