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Bargain and Sale: St. John Street, Coventry


Bargain and Sale from Nathaniell Hands of Coventry, gent., and Elizabeth, his wife, sister and executrix of Nathaniell Whithill of Wantage co. Berks, physitian, deceased, brother and heir of William Whithill of Coventry dyer, deceased son and heir of Robert Whithill of the same, dyer, deceased, John Billers of Cookham co. Berks, son and heir of Anne Billers of Coventry, widow, deceased, the other sister of Nathaniell and William Whithill, with the consent of William Jones of Wantage, gent., Sarah Whithill, widow of Nathaniell Whithill, John Ell and Elizabeth his wife, Edward Ensor and Mary, his wife, the said Elizabeth and Mary being daughters of Nathaniell Hands and heirs of the said William and Nathaniell Whithill, Mary Flack, widow, Benjamin Hands and Martha, his wife, formerly Martha Bellers, the said Mary and Martha being daughters of the said Anne Bellers and heirs of the said Nathaniell and William Whithill to Thomas Viall of Coventry, leatherdresser of a newly erected messuage on the West side of St. John's Bridge [St. John Street] in Coventry in the occupation of __Nicholas and __Bray, an adjoining messuage in the occupation of William Jenson, carpenter, and a garden or orchard called Pool Yard adjoining a garden of William Chaplin in the occupation of John Kidney, to fulfill the terms of the Wills of the said Nathaniell and William Whithill. Consideration £350. Signatures and seals of Grantors. Witnesses: John Wolfe, Edmund Bromwich, W. White, Aaron Jones, Lyonell Marshall and Edward Feild. [Viall]