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Hunningham deeds


Probate copy of the will (20 June 1662) of Sarah Reeve, Rowington To be buried at Rowington 'amongst my Ancestors': 1/- each to named poor of Rowington (Thomas Biddle the elder, Henry Griffin, Thomas Yates, Alice Phillips, Richard Smyth, Edward Careless, Widow Paulmer, Alece Eden). Best suit of woollen and linen to cousin Anne Rowse of Newbold and black gown to cousin Sarah Rowse of Newbold: To neighbour Abigail Spencer, black petticoat. Residue of clohes to servant Elizabeth Hurden. Residue of estate real and personal, to her only brother Benjamin Reeve at 21, or, dying before that to Uncle Nathaniel Rowse, who sole executor, on condition he pays within one year of death of Benjamin, dying under 21, pecuniary bequests as follows: Ann Rowse, 40/-; Sarah Rowse 20/-; William Rowse 20/-; Nathaniel Rowse 20/-; Martha Rowse 20/- (all Newbold); William Rowse, Henley, 20/-, Samuel Rowse, Rowington, 20/-. Proved at Worcester.