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Knight of Barrels


Grant by John Reeve of Coughton, co. Warwick, gent., and Helen his wife to Jane Reeve of Coughton, widow of John Reeve, deceased (see DR 36/114) of an annuity of £100 charged on freehold properties in Studley and leasehold properties in Henley-in-Arden, secured by vesting the freehold and term of years together with a capital sum of £1000 in Richard Morgan of Coughton, gent., James Sumner of the same, gent., and William Welch Lea of Henley-in-Arden, gent., as trustees, the first by declaration of the uses of a fine levied in Hilary term 1817 from John Reeve and Helen his wife to Thomas Chambers since deceased with consent of Henry Osbond Chambers his son and heir at law, in which declaration Thomas James Philip Burman of Henley-in-Arden, a party to the grant, is named as a trustee of John Reeve. Signed: John Reeve, Helen Reeve, Henry Osbond Chambers, with seals. Witnesses: Wm: Russell, Willm: Walford, Edwd: Lawrence Gibbs. With endorsement of surrender, dated 13 June 1827 by Jane Reeve, Richard Morgan, James Sumner and William Welch Lea to John Reeve of all interest in the said properties following the purchase by John Reeve for Jane Reeve of a government annuity of the same amount.