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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


[Copy] will of John Johnson of Nuthurst in Hampton [in Arden]. To be buried in parish church of Lapworth. Land in Nuthurst to wife Joan for life then to George Adkins of Wilmcote, Aston Cantlow for 21 years. If he die within 21 years then to his sisters for residue of term: to John Johnson of Worcester, 'son of my brother John Johnson' and his heirs all land in Nuthurst after termination of above terms subject to payment of one red rose rent at Midsummer during life interest and 21 years until all legacies paid, then £3 p.a. for rest of term. To Annis Adkins the youngest daughter of Thomas Adkins of Wilmcote, £5; to Mary Adkins, sister of Annis, 40/- and to Annis her sister [sic] 40/-; to brother John Johnson of Worcester's 5 children, 40/- each; to Isabell Phillips 40/-; to Edward Phillips 20/-; to goddaughter Alice Pepper 40/- and to her brother Richard and sister Dorothy 40/- each. Above legacies to be paid by George Adkins and sisters after entry into lands [i.e. after death of testator's wife]. To Frances Pepper, 40/- to be paid by Thomas Ebroll of Lapworth "wch xls did increase by meanes of a calfe given her by her godfather Assebye"; 5/- to parish of Lapworth for burial in church; 10/- to John Litton, parson of Lapworth for writing will; to George Adkins a standing bedsted 'whereon I now lye' and a great trough; to Ralph Lasheford a frieze coat, a leather doublet, a linen pair of breeches, a pair of white netherstocks a shirt and a hat with a pair of high shoes: to Anne Shakle, testator's servant, 10/-. Wife sole executrix. Overseers John Sadler and Robert Rawson. Witnesses: Edmund Robins and William Rawson.