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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


Will of Andrew Archer of Tanworth, esq.: To be buried in the chancel of Tanworth with dole paid at funeral: To grandson Thomas Archer, second son of Sir Simon, annuity of £35 payable out of lands in Botley, Ullenhall, Wootton Wawen and Beaudesert lately purchased of Robert Green, William Greene, Rafe Woodward, William Whateley and Edward Hollioke, deceased, except Botley Milles, the mill hams, meadow and closes. Payable from age 18 for 12 years subject to his admission before 18 into one of the Inns of Court and his continuance as law student for 12 years, allowed 6 weeks absence p.a. Payable on 1 May and 1 November at the font of the Temple Church. To grandson Humfry Archer, third son of Sir Simon, annuity of £35 from same lands and upon same terms as above. To grandson Thomas as above, £40 payable 1 month after he becomes an Utter barrister and the same to Humphrey. To son Sir Simon Archer all manors, lands, houses etc. to hold to him and his heirs male with remainder to heirs male of Richard Archer, gent., second son of testator and then to right heirs. To poor householders of Tanworth, £5 to be distributed by executors; To poor householders of Henley and Beaudesert, 40/-; 10/- to poor of Ullenhall and 10/- to poor of Lapworth; 6/- to poor of Nuthurst; 10/- to poor of Packwood, all on Easter Eve after testator's decease. Residue of goods after debts paid to Sir Simon Archer who sole executor. Overseers: brother John Archer, son Richard Archer, Rev.Thomas Warner, Vicar of Tanworth. Witnesses: Thomas Balgair, Symon Archer jun., William Attwood, Henry Marrytt, John Wagstaff. Signed.