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Wills and inventories: Archer of Tanworth


Copy will of Robert Farre, Tanworth, yeoman. To be buried in the church of Tanworth. Wife Katherine to have house in Tanworth where testator lives, known as Barnes Place, with lands and appurtenances for life, then rents and profits for 10 years to Nicholas Weale of Tanworth then premises to Margaret Hunt and her heirs male, in default to Nicholas Farre, brother of testator and his heirs male with remainders to his 2 other brothers Edward and Thomas Farre and their heirs male successively with reversion to right heirs of testator: To Robert Weale, son of Nicholas of Tanworth, after death of Katherine, a tenement and appurtenances in Monkspath called Light tenement, to him and his heirs male with reversion to right heirs of Robert Farre. Goods: 6 kyne to brother Nicholas Farre, sister A.C.[or G] (initials only) and sister E.N. and their children. To Robert Weale, son of Nicholas, 4/-; to wife Katherine, lease of certain lands in Monkspath for residue of term/her life and then after her death lease of one of the premises known as Swanes (?) to Alice Simonds, remainder of lease in other premise known as Barnes to Giles Farre; to Isabel W-- one white 2 year old heifer; 12d to each of godchildren except R.A. who has 5/-; 20/- to poor of Tanworth. Residue after debts to wife Katheryn who sole executrix. Overseers: Wm. Atwood, alias Taylor, Henry Hunt and Nicholas Weale.