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Guild of the Holy Cross: Grants and leases


Counterpart of lease, indented, from John Blaunfron master, and Roger Walker and John Note, proctors, of the Gild of the Holy Cross, etc. of Stratford upon Auen, to Richard Godyear and Matilda his wife of a tenement in Stratford in a certain street called `vicus ouium' (Sheep Street) between a tenement of the Holy Cross on the east and that of John Owlebarewe on the other; for 9 years at an annual rent of 8s Witnesses: Thomas Mayel `capitalis ballivus', John Weley and Richard Compton, `subballivi', William Rokisley and others Dated at Stratford on Saturday after the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, 3 Hen.VI Seal of green wax, broken. A bird under a merchant's mark. (Engraved in Fisher's Antiquities, no.107)