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Wills and testamentary papers


Probate of the will of James Farr of Broom in the parish of Bidford, yeoman, whereby he devised and bequeathed all real and personal property to his wife Sarah for her life and thereafter to his trusty and well beloved friends John Farr of Wood Bivington in the parish of Salford Priors, yeoman, and John Farr of Dunnington in the parish of Salford Priors and William Harbidge of Bidford, yeoman, upon trust to sell the same and to pay £5 to the poor of Bidford and to divide the residue amongst the testator's grandchildren living at the decease of the said Sarah when they should attain 21 years of age. Witnesses: William Blundell, Ales Evings (by her mark) and William Harbidge. Granted at Worcester to the said John Farr, John Farr and William Harbidge, 6th August 1767.