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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy will of John Hobbins, Barford, gent. To Elizabeth Hancocks, daughter of Benjamin of Barford, labourer: 5 cottages and blacksmith's shop in Barford; £100 at 21. To brother Job Hobbins, Shottery, gent., and Charles Handley, Barford, gent., as trustees: all other real estate in Barford, Ettington, Clopton and Stratford-upon-Avon ON TRUST to sell premises at Ettington and Clopton and the Four Heath, Barford (now 5 closes) to repay mortgages and use part residue and rents from unsold lands for maintenance and education of daughter Ann Hobbins until 21 with rest payable to wife Sarah Hobbins until Ann 21. At age 21 all residue unsold lands to be conveyed to Ann chargeable with annuity of £40 to Sarah for life. If Ann dies under 21 - rents to Sarah for life If Ann dies under 21 with issue - conveyance and annuity. If Ann dies under 21 - rents to Sarah for life but property Half to brother Job Hobbins Half to nieces Mary, Frances and Catherine Hobbins. Personal estate to trustees to sell and invest IN TRUST to use part for maintenance of daughter Ann and residue of interest to wife Sarah until Ann 21 when all principal to Ann. If Ann die before 21 with issue - interest to wife for life, then principal equally to children. If no issue, interest to wife for life then division as for real estate. Trustees as executors. Witnesses: John Powell, John Arch and John Tomes