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Sale particulars, Abberton, Kington, Flyford Flavell, Naunton Beauchamp, Bishampton, Dormston, North Piddle and Grafton Flyford


'The Court Farm' with the Manors Advowsons of Kington Dormston, 'The Lower Orchard', 'The Red House Farm', 'The Lower Farm' with 2 cottages, ' The Hovel Ground', 'Tiddington Hill' pasture ground, 'Kington Mill' house, 'The Red Hart', cottage land near 'The Red Hart', 'Old Turnpike House', 2 cottages gardens near the 'Union Inn', 'Mount Pleasant', and ' The Cockshott Farm'. With: Flyford Flavell, 'Baynhall Farm' with the Manor Advowson of Flyford Flavell, cottage near the 'Boot Inn', 'The Village Farm', 'Townsend Orchard', and orchard, and pasture. With: Naunton Beauchamp, market garden orchard. With: Bishampton, 'Dean Lodge Farm'. With: Abberton, 'Abberton Hall' with the Manor Advowson of Abberton and 'Lower Farm with 4 cottages, 'The Manor Farm' with 'Kings Wood' a pair of cottages, 'Abberton Mill', 'The Ketches Farm', and 'The Home Farm' with 4 cottages. With: Dormston, 'The Hill Farm', 'Quarry Pit Farm', 2 cottages market garden, 'Sprinng Meadow', 'The Tyning' 'The Leys', 'The Stable Ground', and various pastures. With: North Piddle, allotment land, and meadows. With: Grafton Flyford, 'The Manor Farm' with 'Kings Wood' a pair of cottages. Illustrations and plans. Note: The Abberton Estate.