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Sale particulars, Compton Verney and Lighthorne


'Compton Verney Mansion' with 5 cottages, 'Lodge Farm' with cottage, 'Hillfield Farm', 'Poolfields' (2 cottages smallholding), 'Bishops Gorse Farm', 'Heath Farm'. With Lighthorne: 'Curacy Farm', 'Pratts Farm', 'Hill Farm', building site, 'Redlands Farm', 'Church Hill Farm', 'New Westfield Farm', 'Old Westfield Farm', 'Darklands Copse', 'The Woodlands' ('Lighthorne Rough'), 'Pittern Villa Farm', 'Pittern Hill Farm', 'Cow Common', and various pastures meadows. With: Combrook, 'Red House Farm', 'Brookhampton Farm', 'Green Farm', 'Little Fosse Farm', and 'Part Fosse Farm'. With: Combrook village, 2 cottages gardens, new enclosure with pair of cottages, 'Combrook Vicarage', 5 cottages gardens, stone thatched cottage, pair of cottages old estate stores, house smithy, pair of cottages, 3 modern cottages, pair of cottages gardens, pair of cottages, brick, stone tiled cottage, pair of semi-detached cottages, pair of cottages old store, block of allotment gardens, 3 stone thatched cottages, block of 3 cottages, large cottage reading room, pair of stone thatched cottages, detached cottage garden, and a stone thatched cottage. With: Lighthorne village, pair of stone thatched cottages with gardens, cottage with 2 acres of pasture, pair of semi-detached cottages with gardens, detached cottage with large garden, block of 4 cottages and estate store, detached cottage, detached cottage, pair of cottages, pair of cottages gardens, house with 2 shops large garden, cottage, 'The Antelope Inn', 'Bishops Farm', semi-detached house, small house, small cottage, butcher's shop house, pair of cottages old school house, block of 3 cottages allotments, cottage smithy, detached cottage, pair of cottages gardens, block of 4 cottages, block of 6 cottages, block of 4 cottages, semi-detached cottage, 'The Lighthorne Schools' 'School House', block of 3 cottages, good cottage, pair of stone thatched cottages, and a detached cottage. Illustrations and plans. Note: The Compton Verney estate, by direction of the executor of the late Lord Manton.