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Wills and testamentary papers


Contemporary copy of the will of Robert Whithill, Coventry. House and orchard on west side of St. Johns Bridges Street in the occupation of Thomas Harbey, and messuage and lands in Monks Park Street, Tanworth to son William Whithill. House in St. Johns Bridges Street, in occupation of Martha Palmer, to daughter Ann Billers and £20. Messuages and lands at Thrisweckly Green, Tanworth [? Thrice Weekly] in occupation of William Ketle, to daughter Elizabeth Whithill and £160. House and lands in Bramcoate to son Nathaniel Whithill. £7 to friend Manassah King £7 to friend Francis Clayton £1 to brother John Whithill £5 to servant Joshua Layce £1 to "my sister Ball" 10/- to cousin Nathaniel Daniell 5/- to cousin Elizabeth Coleing 5/- to cousin William Blundell £2.10.0 to friend Thomas Hobson £20 to son-in-law Joseph Billers £3 bread to poor of Coventry at funeral Residue to son William Whithill who is sole executor. Witnesses: J Wakeman, Jr., Thomas Holbeche and William Jesson Jr.