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Sale particulars, Solihull and Elmdon


'Moat House Farm', 'The Anchor Inn', 'Olton Mill', 'Olton Golf Club' (formerly 'Olton House Farm'), 'Dove House Farm' with 2 cottages, 'Olton Farm' with 3 cottages, 'Odensil Farm' with 2 cottages, 'Ulverley Hall Farm', 'Olton Hall' with pair of semi-detached cottages, 'Tan House Farm' with 3 cottages, and various pastures meadows. With; Elmdon, 'The Gables', 'Dunstan House', 'Dunstan Farm', 'Foredrove Farm', 'Row-Wood Farm', and various pastures meadows. Illustrations and plan. Note; The Elmdon Estate.