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Wills and testamentary papers


Draft will of Alice Elizabeth Busby, Stratford-upon-Avon, widow. Oil painting of testator's husband and daughter Angelina to said Angelina or, she dying before testator, to either testator's son Daniel or daughter Mabel Pearl. Jewellry and clothes equally to surviving children. Furniture to value £50 to sister Annie Bolland, wife of William Josiah. Residue of real and personal estate to sister Annie Bolland as trustee and executrix to sell and invest on trust for testator's two youngest children Daniel and Mabel Pearl, shares payable at 21 or marriage if daughter; remainder to survivor if one dies under 21. Trustee empowered to use interest for maintenance of children. If both die under 21 then all to daughter Angelina (who is already provided for under will of her late father) If Angelina dies under 21 then all to testator's sister Annie Bolland, who is guardian of children. Witnesses: F A Lane, John V Lill.