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Combe deeds and papers


Charter of Gerard de Camvilla, addressed to Richard bishop of Chester, confirming to God and St. Mary of Cumba and the monks of the Cistercian order there serving God, the gift which his father Richard de Camvilla made to the said abbey, namely the whole land of Smita to found an abbey of the Cistercian order, with demesne and other appurtenances in wood and plain, in ways and paths, in land and water, in meadows and pastures, and in free alms quit from all earthly service and secular exactions. Witnesses: Walter de Camvilla, William de Camvill', Richard de Camvill' his brothers, John de Curci, Simon de Blossevilla. Seal on tag: circular, brown, c. 2 frac34; ins. diameter. A ?lion passant.