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Corley deeds and papers


Confirmation with warranty from Ralph de Horselegh' to Thomas son of William de Haytelegh' of four acres of land in `territorio haye' in Cornlegh' lying between the land which Robert le Mey held and between the land which William son of Alan held; to hold for homage and service of the said Ralph paying annually 16 pence (2 terms); for this the said Thomas gives 2 shillings. Witnesses: Gerard de Allespath', Dom Philip parson of Cornlegh', Walter de Morcot', Robert de Ruiton', Gilbert Falke, Richard the cook (coco), Brun the clerk, Roger de Barr', Robert de Feugers, Walter the clerk, Nicholas the smith (fabro), Thomas `ad portam', David the clerk and others. Seal on tag: oval, white, imperfect. A tree in fruit. Legend: SIG--- D---IA Endorsed: i) In Cornley ii) Carte de iiii supo; supr; acris terre in territorio de Corleye pertinentibus Rectori de Corley.