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Coventry deeds and papers


Gift with warranty from Richard de Aula to Adam the miller (molendinario) of a messuage in Coventr' in `vico de Sponna' [Spon Street] which Robert Pimme held and which extends in breadth from the land which Adam de la Grene held as far as the land which William de Whatburl' held, and in length from the high road to the water; to hold the same of the said Richard rendering annually 2 shillings of silver (4 terms) and the service of one man for three days in autumn and two hens at Christmas; and for this the said Adam gives 18 shillings of silver. Witnesses: Adam son of Haldan', Richard his son, Adam de la Grene, Robert Skirewith, Richard his son, Alexander `bursario', Osbert de Dereby, Alexander son of Herlewin, David Carter (Carectario), Symon de Leicestr', Symon the doctor (medico), William Bukston' and others. Seal on tag: circular, green. A spread eagle. Legend: SIGILLVM RICARDI DE AVLA. Endorsed: i) Ricardus de Aula ii) Matilda soror et heres Ricardi mater Margerie de Neirbone domine de Styvechal' [AG] iii) ii sups;. Pisford Knight servyce [AG]