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Wills and testamentary papers


Probate of the will (dated 20 April 1715) of William Vale of Broad Marston, Glos., yeoman. To wife: ¼ yard land in fields of Broadmarston and Pebworth, subject to payment of legacies:- To kinswoman Mary Taylor, Bidford, spinster: interest on £12 for life To kinsman John Taylor, brother of Mary: interest on £12 after death of sister. To cousin John Vale, Dumbleton : £5. To cousin William Vale, brother of John: £5. To cousin Anne Cotterell, wife of Francis, Quinton: £5. To granddaughter Elizabeth Wilkins: £5. To Robert Ray, Ann Buggin, Thomas Wilkins, son of John and John Guy: one guinea each. To Anne Tomlins, Sarah Tomlins Elizabeth Cotterell, daughter of Margery: 10/6d each. To granddaughter Mary Wilkins, after death of testator's wife: household effects. Residue of estate to wife who is sole executrix. Proved at Gloucester by Mary Vale, widow.