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Kingshill in Stoneleigh deeds and papers


Gift in frankalmoign with warranty from Robert Osbarn of Hulle to God and the Monastery of the Blessed Mary of Stanleye and the Monks there serving God of two acres of arable land with appurtenances in the field of Hulle, of which one half acre lies on Le Morlond, reaching towards the wood next the land of Henry Andreu, another half acre lay on Le Lowe in the said field next land of Richard Fordwyne, a third half acre in Brokforlonge in the same field reaching towards Rabbecroft next the land of the said Richard Fordwyn' and the fourth above Le Brech between land of the said Richard Fordwyn and land which Richoude holds of the said monks. Witnesses: William son of Alexander de Kanl', Alexander de Crulefeld, Henry de Finham, John de Finham, Henry de Crulefeld in Stanl' and others. Tag, seal missing. Endorsed: i) Roberti filii Osberni de Hulle ii) Hull'