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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Baldwin Frevylle, knight, to Edmund Hored of Styvechale and Margaret his wife of all the lands, meadows, pastures, etc. which John Huwet once held in the vill and fields of Styvechale of the said Baldwin; to hold the same for the lives of the said Edmund and Margaret, rendering annually 28s. 6d. at the four annual terms in Styvechale, and making two attendances at the great court of Pynleye, and paying a heriot on the death of the said Margaret or Edmund; and the said Edmund and Margaret to maintain the said property at their own expense during the said term. Witnesses: John Huwet, Stephen Bedull', Oliver Burdet, William Baron', John Clerk' and others. Dated at Styvechale, Saturday next after the feast of St. Luke, 5 Richard II. Seal on tag; circular, red, heraldic. On a shield couch eacute; a cross fleury, the shield surmounted by a crown and a crest. Legend defaced. Endorsed: i) Stychall' ii) Curia de Pinley [AG]