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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Thomas Wyford, prior of the monastery and Cathedral Church of Coventre, and the convent of the same to William Neell of Stichall and Dorethea,his wife, of the chapel, church and church yard of Stichall, and a house called the Churche House, with a garden adjoining, and with the tithes of corn, hay, wool, etc. and the tithes called `decimis minutis' and with the tithe barn and barn yard; to hold the same from the feast of the Annunciation next for a term of 75 years, rendering annually for the first five years 4 pounds, and for the remainder of the term 53s. 4d. (4 terms); and the said William and Dorothea are to find a priest to say Mass and other divine services on Sundays and feast days; and to find for the king a man, with a horse and harness fit for war, when required; and the said Prior and convent agree to provide all timbers, etc. necessary for repairs, the costs of transport being met by the said William and Dorothea. Dated: 10 March, 26 Henry VIII On tag, large fragment of the seal of the convent defaced. Endorsed: i) An assignment of the lease, 20 June 1604, from Edward Hill of Kenelworth, gent., to Humfrey Wightwicke of Coventr', grocer, of the said property. Signed by Edward Hill and witnessed by Henry Waford, John Wightwicke and Hugh Pynnyng ii) `a lese set by the Abbat and Covant of Stichall Curch and what therer unto belomed. In the Leger Boke, locke 103'[LG]