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Stivichall deeds and papers


Lease with warranty from Baldwin Freville, knight, to William Gylkus of Stevechale, Ellen his wife and Henry their son of a messuage in Stevechale with lands, meadows and appurtenances which Stephen ?Bidel lately held; to hold the same for the lives of the said William, Ellen and Henry, rendering annually to the said Baldwin 4 shillings at the four annual terms in Stevechale, and making two attendances each year at the court of the said Baldwin; and the said William, Ellen and Henry to keep the said property in as good repair as they received it. Witnesses: William Bagot of Bakynton', John Clerk', John Huet, Edmund Horde, Robert de Barwe and others. Dated at Tamworth', Sunday next after the feast of the Translation of St. Richard, 8 Richard II. 3 circular seals on a split tag: i) brown; heraldic. On a cross 5 mullets. Legend: SIGILL' JOH'IS RANDOLF ii) brown; obscure iii) red. A male head to the right. Legend obscure. Endorsed: Hendenture de ---------- inter Baldwinum Frevell et Wylliam Gylcus et [Elenem] uxorem eius in Stycheale.