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Stivichall deeds and papers


Bargain and sale with warranty from William Norres of Stichall', corviser, to Thomas Gregorie of Coventrie, for 40 shillings, of a barn and adjacent garden in Stichall', lying in width between land of the said William Norres on the west and land of the said Thomas Gregorie on the east, and reaching in length from a cottage of the said William on the north to the land or orchard of the said Thomas on the south; with the further grant of an entrance way from the highway through the said cottage to the barn, measuring in length 18 feet and in width 8 feet; to hold for ever of the chief lord of the fee. Dated: 12 July, 37 Henry VIII Seal on tag; circular, red. The letters E C G P Witnesses on dorso: Robert Spaldefurthe, William Spaldefurthe, John Falderyng and others. Endorsed: Charta Willelmi Norres de Stychall. Note y supt; the said Entrey and way was not Norres but parcell of the Overhall place, etc. ab antiquo [AG]