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Wills and testamentary papers


Extract from will 1842 of William Porter leaving, after life interest of wife Betty, half shares in: 5 messuages in Windsor Street, purchased from Widow Smith, with 6 messuages adjoining purchased from John Featherston; 3 premises in Chapel Lane and 2 in Waterside to son-in-law Francis Caldcleugh for life with remainder to his children by testator's deceased daughter Hannah and daughter Esther Porter with reversion of whole to Caldcleugh if she predeceases father. Extract from indenture 14 March 1866. re (1) 2 premises in Payton Street late in the occupation of John Denham and John Edward Henry Greves, now of John Pollard and Joseph Barrett. (2) Reversion of Esther Porter, expectant on life interest of her mother Betty, of half share of premises in father's will (occupiers named). Extract from indenture 26 November 1866 re above premises (occupiers named)