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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy will of Thomas Smith, Meriden, gent. To son George Thomas Smith of Marton, surgeon: pictures, Egyptian sword. To daughter Esther Sophia: bookcase, work-table, portrait of testator, presentation cup, silver tea spoons. To daughter Ann Elizabeth Buchanan, wife of Charles: piano, portrait, silver table spoons. To son William Henry, Philadelphia, U.S.A., veterinary surgeon: £100. To James Kittenmaster, Meriden, Doctor of Physic and son George Thomas Smith as Trustees: all shares in Birmingham Gas Company and residue of personal estate On Trust to sell personally and pay dividends on shares and interest on invested money to daughter Esther Sophia for life or until she marries, then to divide trust monies equally between testator's children or their heirs if dead. Trustees executors. Witnesses: William Wilmott, Edward H. Jackson. Codicil, 3 November 1843 Re trust monies: If Ann Elizabeth Buchanan is a widow at death or marriage of Esther Sophia, she is to have 2 shares. All money in house and at bank at testator's death to Esther Sophia absolutely. Witnesses: William Wilmot, Edwin Marsson.