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Wills and testamentary papers


Draft case concerning the will of Mrs. Ann Scott (dated 9 August 1796) Reciting marriage settlement, 10 and 11 October 1771, between Ann Tonckes and William Scott whereby she was entitled to estates in Harborne and Smethwick, absolutely with power of devise By her will she devised these to her cousin and heir at law John Millward, Aldermaston, Worcs., with provision for confirmation of certain copyhold premises to his brother Richard Millward and his children. In default of assurance devised her estates at Harborne and Smethwick to Richard Millward for life with remainder to his children. She devised an estate, late her cousin Mary Addye's, to her husband's nephew John Scott and her residuary estate to her husband's nephews John and James Scott. John Millward died 15 May 1811 before Testatrix died January 1813. Residuary devisees [Scotts] have taken possession of estates devised to Millward but heirs at law [heirs of Millward] claim.