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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy of probate copy of will (dated 19 August 1868) of Richard Potter Gibbs of Mollington, Cos. Oxon and Warks., farmer. Trustees executors: wife Elizabeth (during widowhood), James Harris, Sutton-under-Brailes, Warks., gent., and uncle William Potter, Farnborough, farmer. To wife: All household goods and provisions (except plate and jewellery) absolutely :use of plate etc. for widowhood then equally between children at 21. Inventory to be taken and signed by wife. To trustees: all real and personal estate upon trusts (i) For benefit of eldest son Richard Francis Gibbs during minority, or of any other son being presumptively entitled with remainder jointly to daughters and heirs. (2) £300 p.a. to wife during minority of children unless she remarries. (3) Annuity of £150 to wife charged on premises from majority of son or youngest daughter. (4) Personal estate for other children not succeeding to real estate at 21 equally. (5) If no issue survive, then £100 each to cousins Richard Gibbs and John Gibbs, sons of late uncle William Gibbs, deceased, and residue in trust for children of uncles Robert and William Potter and late uncle John Potter. Witnesses: Benjamin William Aplin, H.W. Bennett. Copy examined 1889.