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Wills and testamentary papers


In the Supreme Court of the State of New York. Two copies of the Complaint of William Crowther, Sarah Crowther, Thomas Umbers and Anne his wife, Elizabeth Crowther Henry Best Sowdon and Margaret his wife, Arthur Craven Barlow and Jeanette his wife, David Hastings and Emma his wife and Jemima Crowther against Richard Crowther and Margaret Crowther. Plaintiffs are 8 of the children (and husbands) and defendants are widow and other child of William Crowther the elder, late of Somerville Aston, Glos. who died 6 May 1846. By his will, dated 29 December 1845, testator disposed of real and personal estate in both England and New York State. The will was proved in Prerogative Court of Canterbury 27 June 1846 by widow and son William as executors of the English estate which they have administered according to the terms of the will. Richard Crowther proved the will in New York State, 3 September 1846, as sole acting executor and has taken into his possession all real and personal estate with documents and is accused by plaintiffs of concealing exact details of real estate with intention of fraudulently converting parts of same for his own absolute use by conveyance and reconveyance between himself and John E. Andrew and for failing to sell remaining real estate or to account for rents and profits of same.