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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy will of Alice Southam, Warwick, widow. To John Southam, son of John of Loxley deceased: real estate in Ilmington. To kinsman Reverend Sawyer Smith: £100. To Elizabeth Harrison, Stratford-upon-Avon, spinster: £40. To cousin Hannah Weaver of London, daughter of Abigail (née Smith): £40. To Elizabeth Phillips of London, daughter of Jane, deceased: £40. To Thomas Phillips, son of Jane, deceased: £20. To eldest son of Charles Phillips: £20. To each child (excl. John) of John Southam of Loxley, deceased: £20. To Isaac Twycross and Kezia his wife, with whom testatrix lives: £10 each. To William, Sarah, John and Diana Ann Twycross, children of Isaac: £20 each. To Thomas Smith, son of John, late of Hurleston: £20. To poor of Warwick : £40. Residue of personal estate to nieces Frances Smith and Eleanor Smith, who are joint executrixes. Trustees: Henry Vaner, James Avery, James Wright. Proved in Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 16 November 1756.