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Business papers: Flower and Sons Ltd., Brewers, of Stratford-upon-Avon


22 Feb 1888 Memorandum and Article of Association of Flower Sons Limited. With Special Resolution, 14 May 1897. 1897 Trust Deed to secure perpetual mortgage debenture stock: Flower Sons and George E. Abell, Esq. and Hon. Montague Erskine. 1897 List of freehold and leasehold public houses comprised in Second Schedule to Trust Deed . 1897-8 Memorandum of capital outlay in 1897-8 on freehold public houses in Trust Deed. 15 Jun 1902 Deed of Acknowledgment for £30,000: Flower Sons to Hon. Montague Erskine Richard Vassar Vassar-Smith 5 May 1905 Draft Resolution to be passed at Directors Meeting as to issue of £20,000 debenture stock to Lloyds Bank 1900 Correspondence and papers with the County Fire Office, London, relating to claim as to a fire at maltings.