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Official papers - Parochial


Order from John Dugdale and Thomas Abell, two of the justices of the peace for the county of Warwick, to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parishes of Corley and Fillongley, that, whereas upon examination of Rebeccah Harris, who with her bastard son has settled in Corley, it was found that her last place of legal settlement was Fillongley, the said churchwardens and overseers of Corley shall remove the said Rebeccah and her child to the said parish of Fillongley, where she shall be provided for by the parishioners there, and the child until he reaches the age of seven years. Signed: John Dugdale, Thomas Abell Two seals applied. Endorsed with a certificate signed by John Deernin and John Chilton, the churchwardens [of Corley] that on 9 October 1731 the said Rebeccah Harris and her child John were taken to Thomas Wilson, overseer of the parish of Fillongley.