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Legal cases - Gregory family


Order to the sub Bailiff of Coventr' to cause William Greeneway of Coventr', mercer, to appear before the Mayor and Bailiffs of Coventr' at their next Court to show cause why he, as guarantor of Loveisgod Gregory, esq., should not satisfy a judgement for £5. 10s. 6d. obtained against the said Loveisgod Gregory by William Hutt, in the court of the King in Coventr'. Dated: --------, 15 Charles II Endorsed: 19 June 1664. Received then of Mr. John Downes the ------ menconed sume of 5 supl; supi;. 10 sups;. 6 supd;. ------ of the costs recovered by William -------against Lovisgod Gregory, I ------- by me Abra-------