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Legal cases - Gregory family


The award of John Wicksteed of Baginton, gent., to determine the suits and controversies between John Gregory of Sti[vichall] and Symon Chamber; that Mr. Gregory shall pay to Mr. Chamber 200 pounds before 22 April next; that Mr. Gregorye shall pay to Mr. Chamber 60 pounds before 24 June next; that Mr. Gregorye shall pay to Mrs. Katherine Chamber, wife of the said Simon, 20 pounds before 29 September next; that Mr. Gregory shall pay to Elizabeth and Dorothy Chamber, daughters of the said Simon, 10 pounds before 24 August next; that upon the receipt of the first 200 pounds, the said Simon Chamber will seal and deliver to the said John Gregorye a release, and the said John Gregory to give a like release to the said Simon Chamber. Signed: John Wick[steed] Witnesses: William Clarke, John Burdett Endorsed: i) Mr. Wygesteds award beetwext Mr. Chambers and Gregory ii) 28 September 1674. This writing was shewed forth unto Sir William Bromley, knight of the Bath, att the tyme of his examinacion in a cause depending betweene John Boon gent, plt. and Thomas Kevett and others, defendants, before us [who sign] Tim. St Nicholas, Wm. Gibson, Fra. Gramer, Hen. Yearwood.