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Family and non-business papers: Winter family of Stratford-upon-Avon


Bundle of miscellaneous personal papers, 1914-19 Includes: - letters concerning the distribution of a bread charity at Ettington, 1909. - letter from Alexander Barber, Congregational Minister for Stratford-upon-Avon, to Fred Winter, concerning the rent for his house, 10 July 1919 - letter from N.M. Pritchard, formerly of Ettington, to Fred Winter, asking his assistance in seeking a ministry in the Congregational Church, 25 May 1918 - letter from the Principal of the Gloucestershire School of Domestic Science to Fred Winter, asking for his consent to the innoculation of his daughter against influenza, 17 February 1919 - printed circular on his retirement from Harry Lupton, M.D. to his patients, 23 April 1914 - letter from Oliver Baker to Fred Winter concerning Marie Corelli's offer to contribute to the cost of restoring DR602/30 High Street, 8 August 1917