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Wills and testamentary papers


Original will of Sir Thomas Overbury of Admington in the parish of Quinton, Glos., Kt. To wife Dame Hester: all jewells and plate marked with joint arms and hers alone; all furniture and household stuff in her bed chamber and closetts; coach and four coach horses. Use of all or as much household stuff as she shall want during widowhood. To sister Mary, wife of William Whitelocke, esq.: £50 to buy a diamond ring and all plate marked with Overbury arms alone, and quartered with the Shirley arms; all family portraits. To Sir Thomas Noel, Bart.: rapier with silver hilt and case of pistols with silver heads. To niece, Lady Noel; great silver embossed cup with cup and handles. To each unmarried daughter of Mary and William Whitelocke £100 each. To nephew Overbury Whitelocke; study of books except those of and Religion which testator's wife shall have choice of and excepting Law books which bequeathed to nephew William Whitelocke To cousin Walter Overbury, son of Uncle Walter, late of Barton-on-the-Heath, £100 and best nag or choice of saddle horses. To each of menial servants who have been 7 years in service, 1 years wages in addition to whatever due. To all other menial servants 20 shillings each. To the poor of the parish of Quinton, £5. All lands, goods and chattels to Sir John D'Oyley of Chislehampton, Oxon., Bt., Thomas Mariet of Alscott, esq., and Michael Rutter of Burton-on-the-Hill IN TRUST that if after testator's decease his heir at law fails to give sufficient security for discharge of debts and legacies, then to sell land to do same. Residue after payment of trustees' expenses to testator's right heirs. Executors: Sir John Doyley, Thomas Mariet and Michael Rutter. Signed and sealed. Witnesses: R. Freeman, H. Hurst jr., Thos. Barnsley, John Dangerfield.