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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy of the Will of Thomas Timms of Loxley, yeoman. To wife Judith Timms for her life, a quarter of a yard land with house, close and appurtenances, "that came by she," known as John Duppers land - to my daughter Elizabeth Clarke £5 - To my loving daughter Judith Timms £5 - To my daughter Mary Timms £5 - To my daughter Hannah Timms £5 - To my sons Thomas and Charles Timms that ¼ of a yard land which came by their mother, Judith Dupper "as was," at her decease, To son John Timms the house and a quarter of a yard land belonging to me and my father before me - To son Charles Timms £5. Appoints sons John and Thomas executors. Signed by Testator's mark. Witnesses: Jonathan Buckingham, Samuel Buckingham and Eras. Banbury.