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Original Documents: Richard Savage papers, Warwick transcriptions


Large leather bound volume titled on spine `Charters c to the town of Warwick'. It contains ms transcriptions of charters and documents of:

Henry VIII (1-11),
Philip and Mary (12-27),
James (28-50),
Charles I (55-80),
Charles II (85-95),
William Mary (100-119),
James II re Corporation v. Thos Shakespeare, bailiff (124-137);
Charles II inspeximus (142-154);
The Determination of the Right of Election for Burgesses at Warwick from the Journals of the House of Commons, 1722 (157-60);

Counsel's Opinion as to whether the town has any right to the Hospital, 1704 (161-163);
1705 Injunctions to the Master of the Hospital (164-166);
Statutes of the Hospital, 1560s (167-178);
Statutes of Ambrose, Earl of Warwick, for the Hospital, 1584 (179-181);
Will of Katherine, Lady Leveson, 1668 (182-186);
Codicils, 1670-1673 (187-202)[3rd codicil re Hospital];

Will of Henry Heath re his charity, 1727 (203-206);
Will of John Hadley re his charity, 1702 (207-208);
Will of Robert Heath, 1684 (209-210);
Will of Sir Thomas Dewes re his charity, 1727 (211-213);
Will of Richard Grimes re his charity, 1719 (214-216);
Will of Mr Blissett, n.d. re bequest (217);
Will of Mrs Ann Johnston re charity, 1732 (218-220);

Will of Robert Heath re apprentices, 1737 (221-223);
Will of Fulk Weal re education of 2 men at Oxford, 1729 (224-226);

`Charter for Lord Brook's franchises and privileges at Alcester [Jas I] (227-236);
Will codicil of Richard Lane, 1723 (237-241);
Index to pp. 1-242: pp.246-252
Case with Opinion of Counsel re right to take tolls in market and/or private house.

Letter in front of volume indicates that it was a gift to Savage from Edward Power, 16 Southwell Gardens, London, in 1899.