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Case for judgement in action of ejectment in Queens Bench re 2 closes at Mickleton called Phipps Hole and Hunks Walk 27 Feb 1794 John Taylor, Mickleton, by his will, 27 Jan 1794, left inter alia said 2 closes in tail male to his son Allbright Taylor and his heirs male successively. Testator died 18 Nov 1798 leaving Allbright Taylor and John Taylor him surviving. John Taylor died unmarried, 5 Feb 1801. Allbright Taylor d. 23 August 1811, leaving 5 children, viz. John Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Ann Taylor, Frances Sophia Taylor and Mary Clighton Taylor. John Taylor inherited entailed estates but broke entail by Recovery suffered Easter 1822. He subsequently mortgaged property and died 31 August 1841 leaving premises to trustees named in his will, 22 October 1840. Samuel Taylor is his only brother and heir-at-law. Question as to whether John could break entail.