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Warwickshire documents and notes: papers of George Sherwood


Draft will of William Charles of Wellesbourne Mumford, hosier, with the following bequests: i) to his son, John Charles, his horse, cart, gig and working tools ii) to his wife, Sarah, the use of his stock in trade and household furniture for her life iii) to Thomas Hopkins of Wellesbourne Mumford [erased, replaced by Job Hallett of Oxhill, farmer] and Richard Hughes of Admington, Glos., farmer, all his real estate and the remainder of his personal estate in trust to receive the rents and interest for the use of the said Sarah during her life, free of marital control iv) after the death of the said Sarah, to his said trustees the sum of £500 [erased, replaced by £650] in trust to buy government securities and to pay the interest to his daughter Ann for her life, free of marital control, and after her death to use the said interest to maintain her children until they come of age, the whole sum to be divided between them equally or in default to be divided between the testator's children, William, John and Richard v) to his son Richard [erased] a messuage lately erected in his garden at Wellesbourne Mumford from the Pales to the road which leads to the harbour, now in the occupation of Thomas Findon [erased, replaced by William Charles] vi) to his son John a warehouse and messuage in the lower part of his garden in Wellesbourne Mumford, now in the testator's own possession vii) to his son William [erased, replaced by Rd.] two messuages now in the tenure of William Charles [erased, replaced by Wm. Edkins] and William Sabin viii) to his son William the sum of £250 [erased, replaced by £400] ix) to his son John the sum of £400 x) to his trustees the sum of £200 for the maintenance of William and Thomas, children of the testator's daughter Jane, late wife of Thomas Court, the capital to be divided between them when the younger comes of age [the whole clause erased] xi) the residue of his estate to be divided equally between his said children, Ann, William, John and Richard The said John Hopkins and Richard Hughes appointed executors.