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Annotated 'History': Wheler Papers


Portraits of: - Rev. Joseph Greene, watercolour, f. 7(b); - Nicholas Byfield, minister of Isleworth (ob.1620) publ. 1790, f. 26; - George Carew, Earl of Totness, after Vandyck, f.31; - the same, and his wife, in colours, ff. 32, 33; - Sir Edward Walker, in colours, f. 34; - `A Prince of the Old School'; a caricature by J. Gillray of Charles Boothby Skrymsher Clopton, 1800, f. 36; - Edmund Malone, after Reynolds, f. 44v; - George Carew, Earl of Totness, R.W. Satchwell after Zucchero, f. 98; - John F. Sackville, Duke of Dorset, T. Hardy after Reynolds, f. 106; - Mrs. Garrick, aet. 97, 1820, f.107v; - Garrick, as Kitely, J. Finlayson after Reynolds, f.108; - John Jordan, f. 114v; - the same, in colours, f. 115v; - Thomas Jonson, al. `Poor Toms a-cold', C.F. Green, f.163v.