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Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Pebworth


Copy probate of the will, dated 27 September 1859 (with codicils dated 7 November 1859 and 16 November 1859) of Henry Butler late of Broadmarston in Pebworth, co. Gloucs., and now of Maldon in the colony of Victoria, butcher, leaving all his real estate and any estate which he might claim under the will of his late father Levi Butler to John Paul Richards of Maldon upholsterer and Thomas Garrat of the same cattle-dealer, in trust to receive the profits thereof for the use of his daughter Mary Anne Butler until she attains the age of 21 or marries, and until that time to pay the income arising therefrom to his wife Bridget Butler; and should his daughter die unmarried before reaching the age of 21 then the said estate to pass to his wife and her rightful heirs. The first codicil specifies that the said trustees will hold the testator's land in Victoria in trust for Bridget Butler and her daughter Mary Anne Butler (after she marries or attains the age of 21) as tenants in common during the life of the said Bridget Butler. Signed: Henry Butler. Witnesses: E. Rivington, solicitor of Maldon, Robert James Hall of the same and George Leighton of Castlemaine. Testator died 15 December 1859. Certificate of probate, dated 23 March 1860, granted in the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria at Melbourne.