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Letter to Sir William Chatterton


Letter from T[homas] Crofton Croker to Sir William Chatterton, bart., Castle Mahon, co. Cork, reporting on a recent meeting of the Committee of the [Royal] Literary Fund , at which, amongst other things, an application for support by a 'Mr Atkinson' had been refused due to his insatisfactory behavious (described), and mentioning, in a postscript, an 'American copy of Lady [Georgiana] Chatterton's work'. Written on a programme for 'Three Charades; No.1, Retribution; No.2, William and Susan; No.3, Retribution' performed at the Theatre Royal, Admiralty, London, on the same day. T.C. Croker, Irish antiquary, was registrar of the Royal Literary Fund from 1837 to 1854. 'Lady Chatterton's work' was probably her 'Rambles in the South of Ireland' which had sold well on its publication the previous year.