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Newsham Peers of Alveston


Release in all actions from Amelia Peers of Torquay, Devon, spinster, daughter of Newsham Peers late of Alveston, Richard Adams of the same, captain in H.M. 59th Regiment of Foot and Louisa his wife, daughter of the said Newsham Peers, Henry Stackpole Delinnee Peers, Lieutenant of Dragoons and Augusta Delinnee Peers of Torquay, spinster, grandchildren of the said Newsham Peers, to James Dawkins of Richmond, Surrey, esq., and the said Amelia Peers and Richard Adams and Louisa his wife (trustees of the will of the late Newsham Peers of Alveston, dated 1 May 1797, proved 3 May 1803) on the settlement of a trust account under the said will.