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Wolvey deeds and papers


Bond from Marmaduke Constable of Nuneyton', knight, to Thomas Gregorie, esq., in the penal sum of 100 shillings; the condition being that, whereas Robert Bait, late abbot of the late monastery of Combe, leased to the said Thomas Gregorie and John Thorpe the warren and conyger of Wolvey in the lordship of Wolvey for a certain term of years still unexpired, paying a rent therein specified; and whereas the said Thomas and John by a writing obligatory bearing date 26 March, 30 Henry VIII [1539] were bound in the sum of 100 shillings to Humphrey Bait, brother of the said Robert Bait, on the condition that they should deliver to the said Humphrey at Wolvey between the feast of St. Michael and the feast of the Purification 20 couple of conies annually for the duration of the said term; and whereas the said Thomas and John have sold the residue of this term of years in the said premises to the said Marmaduke, the said Marmaduke will now pay the said 20 couple of conies to the said Humphrey at the time and place aforesaid. Dated: 12 April, 32 Henry VIII Signed: M. Consterble Seal on tongue: oval, red. A lymphad. Endorsed: the Warant of Wooluy taken of the Robard Bait, abbot of Coumbe by Thomas Gregory [LG]