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Cheylesmore in Coventry deeds and papers


Draft assignment from Elizabeth Swillyngton' widow, late wife of Ralph Swillyngton', esq., to John Higford of Henwood, gentleman, of a lease as in no. DR10/463, reserving to the said Elizabeth the manor place of Chellesmore, the ground between the bridge over the moat and the city of Coventr' on the east side of the manor place, the water and grounds under the town wall within the park on the south side of the manor and two closes lying in length from the wall called the Freers Orchard Wall to the rails at the gate leading from the Pynlock into the said park; and also reserving common of pasture to the said Elizabeth for four geldings, five cows and four pigs, and the orchard lately called the Freers Orchard near the manor place with leave to walk there with her friends and to take every a dish of fruit from each tree; also allowing the said Elizabeth free access between the said manor place and Stichall through a gate called Stichall Gait for which at all times she shall have a key; and the said John also agrees to deliver to the said Elizabeth annually four couple of rabbits taken in the said park, and to pay her, should she be evicted from the said premises, 10 marks yearly. Dated: 20 October, 32 Henry VIII. Endorsed: The maner of Chilesmore set [LG]